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I'm Lilia, inclusive health consultant and trainer.

I offer training and mentoring to providers working from, or wishing to transition to, an inclusive practice that promotes body justice, autonomy and liberation from a Health at Every Size® approach.

I also work with people who wish to cultivate holistic health and wellbeing through programs* grounded in mind-body medicine, mindfulness and compassion (including Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy), Body Trust® practice and Healthy Boundaries for Kind People.

* These programs are within a consulting & coaching framework, not as a physician or psychotherapist.



My training and experience 

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I am a physician (MD) and licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT), with postgraduate training in medical family therapy and body psychotherapy. I have 20+ years teaching and supervision experience in the health professions, and 15+ years clinical experience helping people with struggles with food and eating, depression, anxiety, trauma, loss, chronic pain and illness, and experiences of dis-embodiment.

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I am an eating disorders specialist and clinical supervisor; mindfulness, compassion and mindful eating instructor; certified therapeutic and restorative yoga teacher; death doula; bereavement counselor; Certified Body Trust® Provider; and Certified Healthy Boundaries for Kind People Coach and Facilitator. 

I am known for pioneering mindful eating and weight inclusive care in the Spanish speaking world, as well as for bringing together radical care paradigms in the field of mind-body medicine. I am the founder and director of Mindful Eating Mexico® and served as Vice President of The Center for Mindful Eating

My practice is at the intersection of different healing modalities, centering lived experience and the body as a source of knowing, with a depth and scope very few providers can offer.

I am intimately familiar with bodies and minds and our healing processes, and how we relate to, nourish and take care of ourselves and our bodies in ways that bring us closer to wholeness, radical presence, embodied wellbeing and joy. 

I am deeply and unwaveringly committed to ethical behavior and, above all, doing no harm, which is why I actively advocate for a weight inclusive paradigm and a weight neutral approach in clinical practice, and I am passionate about training more providers in this paradigm.

I am Mexican. I have lived in Mexico City for most of my life, and I've had the privilege of traveling extensively and collaborating with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. My heritage is a mosaic of different cultures, and I am fully bilingual (English and Spanish). I'm happy to provide consulting in either language, both in person and online.

You can read more about me, my teachers and lineage, what I believe (manifesto) and my deepest wish for you and all humans here


 I can help if…

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You’re a physician, health provider and/or coach and…

  • you wish to practice from a Health at Every Size® and Non Diet approach;

  • you wish to help your clients / patients who have been diagnosed with “overweight” or “obesity” in a way that ceases to perpetuate weight bias, body shame and body stigma, and that allows them to cultivate sustainable health promoting habits;

  • you are navigating the challenges of advocating bravely for body liberation and embodiment, while swimming in the waters of healthism, performative health and a weight centric paradigm;

  • you care for individuals with eating disorders;

  • as you do this work, you yourself are healing from diet culture and internalized oppression;

  • you wish to set and honor healthy boundaries that allow for your own self-care and replenishing empathy and compassion.

I can also help if you*…

  • Struggle with chronic and recurrent depression;

  • Experience eating behaviors that are causing you suffering, including bingeing, chronic dieting and weight cycling:

  • Wish to sustain habits that promote health and enhance wellbeing, particularly if you have been told you need to address “overweight” or “obesity” and/or you have been diagnosed with a metabolic condition;

  • You want to eat mindfully and cultivate Body Trust®.

* These programs are within a consulting and coaching framework, and are not intended as a replacement of medical care or psychotherapy; I am no longer offering medical care or psychotherapy services.

I offer:



Location & Schedule 

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Online consultations available worldwide. In person consultations available in Mexico City.

If you are located outside of Mexican territory, I am unable to offer clinical services, I can only provide coaching / mentoring.

Office hours:

Mon, Wed & Thurs 10:00 - 14:00 and 16:00 - 18:00, Fri 10:00 - 13:00

All hours indicated in Mexico City time; if you are in the Asia/Pacific region please contact me for availability at additional times. 


Clinical services: 50 min session US$190 / $3,800 MXN

For coaching programs and consulting sessions, please go to

Ready to schedule? Contact me via whatsapp, +52 1 55 55089246 or write to

Location for in person sessions:

Alcanfores 29, Las Águilas, 01710, CMDX

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